Wednesday, May 25, 2011

smiley baby

Okay so now that we are done posting for the day (guess we weren't done with "catching up" yesterday after all) had to share this picture. It is my parents photographic evidence of my smiling on command. I was grinning because Mommy was acting ridiculous, so I had to smile at her. Seriously, I am like the cutest thing in the world right now, so we just had to share it with everyone.

I am batman

Now I know my Mom is going to have to bring up the whole thing about how big I am getting. See, my awesome Bat-gear is made for 3 month old babies. I am however not a 3 month old baby. In fact, in this picture I was only barely 6 weeks old. Sweet! Have to give a shout out to Auntie Mel and Uncle Bubba for the cool clothes!

Now on to other important business, I am being raised in a very strict house. Mommy and Daddy argue over whether I will be a Cubs or Red Sox fan (totally a Sox fan BTW, I just appreciate the Cubbies - ha ha, Mom gets to type the blog!). But either way they are raising me with morals and standards, and thus my exposure to the Evil Empire known in this house as the "Yuckees" is limited. So here is me chillin' with my Gramps as we watch the Sox beat the Yuckees, and just so you know they actually swept the series! Yeah!

me n' my G.G. & brudah

This is me with my Great Granddad. He's a pretty chill guy, so we didn't talk much, just hung out and smiled. On the other hand, this is me with my big brother, Micah. We are sorta planning to take over the world together.

Friday, May 13, 2011

catching up

Well it sure has been a long time since anything has gone up here, mommy has been slackin' a bunch.

So to catch you up on my life, I can smile now. No, its not the gassy ones, though I admit that still makes me grin a bit too. But I even occasionally make laughing noises. I am talking a lot more too and I just love to tell stories to anyone willing to hold me. I am also getting a lot stronger, holding my head up to look around was easy from the get-go for me, but I am able to do it much longer and I actually get annoyed if you hold me so that I can't look around. This is a really good thing because I am also super curious, and it frustrates me when I have so many cool things to look at but my head gets to heavy for me to check things out! I am also growing like a weed, I weigh more than 12 lbs already! And to think I worried everyone at first when I was loosing too much weight, HA! Most of my wardrobe has had to change because I am too long or to *ahem* thick in the mid section to fit in them. No worries, I have grandparents for that sort of thing!

So here are some catching up pictures, I had some more milestones and of course my paparazzi was there to document all:

There I am at three week old. I got a new blankie with my name on it, but you can't see the name in this picture. It is super soft!

This is me and my Auntie Amanda at a Diamondbacks vs Cubs game. It was my first ever MLB baseball game, but it was hers too! So, I was nice enough to share the spotlight this once and let her use my sign.

I am four weeks old here, not to be confused with a month old below...

The difference is only a couple of days but Mommy felt it was important to take pictures on the day I was exactly four weeks old versus the day I was exactly one month old. It was also Mother's Day, which was pretty spiffy.

And to prove my Mommy has a sick sense of humor, she took all sorts of cute pictures of me for the Five Weeker. But does she post those? No, why would she post one of them when she can post me with my "I am going to take over the world" look as she calls it. I was sick of all the picture taking and wanted to stop and cuddle/eat so I was letting her know in my ever so subtle ways with a Look -- so she decided to share my attitude with you here.

Last, but not least, I was so sick of the picture taking I just took a nap here. I have been doing a lot of growing, and while this requires some sleep it mostly means I am really hungry and not feeling photogenic when I am awake. Maybe I will be more accommodating next week when I am all of SEVEN weeks old? We shall see!