Thursday, June 30, 2011

yellin' at elephants

I have this spiffy chair, it rocks and vibrates (the parents think it "fools" me that I am in a car, HA!). But it has these animals on it too that dangle so I can play with them. The turtle and the lion are okay, its the elephant you gotta watch. That little bugger is a real devil and I have to yell at him sometimes. So here's me layin' down the law ...Clearly, I am quite the authority figure.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

keepin' them on their toes

My parents must have had the most boring lives in the world before I came along. Seriously, it is exhausting thinking of things I can do to keep them on their toes.

I had to go back to the doctor yesterday because Mommy and Daddy thought my cradle cap was a bit much. Cradle cap is really common, and not something that you have to go to the doctor for usually, but Daddy says I am an overachiever. So I took regular cradle cap, and with my sensitive skin made it a really nasty case. So nasty I itched it, and since I am still learning how to use my hands I itched it a little rough. This left me with a few little scratches on my head, and open cuts can easily become infected ... poof, I have Impetigo! It got nasty enough that Mom called and insisted that my "cradle cap" needed to be looked at by a doctor.

Sigh, so we had to go back to the doctor. You can see some of the yellow funkiness on top of my head in the picture. We aren't sure if its a staph or strep infection -- really who cares, the medicine is making it go away!

I got some medicine for the infection, which I have only had to use twice so far and it already looks about a million times better, but they had to weigh me again. Seriously, I think I should be allowed to stay dressed for that! But I weighed a whooping 14.6 lbs, which means I have gained an entire pound in 3 weeks! That is amazing, even the doctor said so!

While we were there she and Mommy talked a bit about my gagging and choking, which has not gotten any better. I decided to help out a bit and had an episode right then and there. The doctor got to see it, and she told Mom to start giving me a medicine twice a day to help lessen my reflux. I may have super bad reflux, I may have trachea issues, I may have both, but all of the above are treated with this medicine. I haven't noticed a difference in taking it yet, but I have only had two doses, so we will see how it works. It tastes pretty good, so I won't complain about it!

Lastly, I wanted to show you this picture of me with my Froggy. Daddy bought me Froggy a while ago, but now that I am learning how to use my hands I like to play with him a bit more. Sometimes the Frog really makes me mad, and I try to get him. But, since I am not so good with hand eye coordination as of yet I really haven't been successful with this. So I usually wind up just swinging away and getting mad, it makes Mommy giggle so she took a picture of me. I think I look intense, she says I am cute. Whatever, I say to-may-toe you say tom-mah-toe!


Now for a really deep question...What Would Scooby Do?

Like my cool blankie? A friend of mine (who I haven't met in person yet) had his grandmother make it for me. I made sure to flex in this picture too.

eleven weeks now

Things have been pretty exciting lately, more updates on that to come. But, here is my 11 week old picture:
It was such an exciting day that I couldn't really hold still even though I love getting my picture taken!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I love you thiiiis much!

While I was sleeping yesterday the paps got this shot of me. Ruthless photographers I tell ya.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

soooo sleepy

Man things have been busy around here lately. I had to sleep in today, I was just too exhausted. Last night I had to keep my parents up until about midnight, then I let Daddy go to sleep. Mommy, yeah I have been working really hard at keeping her up late. Last night I made it until about 1:30, but that was only because I was sleepy from the nights before where I easily pulled off 2 and woke her up a bunch after I napped.

So today I decided I needed to think about me, and my needs. So I slept in. It is now a little after 7:00 AM and I am still snoozing ... I think I need a vacation, this keeping adults awake stuff is exhausting!

(The picture is of me around 7 AM and as you can see I was still snoozing away)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

bugs & spit

Two of my favorite things lately are my bugs and spit.

My Mom had a ladybug pillow pet before the beginning of time (she got it like 4 months ago, being that I have only been around for 2 and a half months this makes it a very long time ago in my humble opinion). Since I first laid eyes on it I loved it! It is so brightly colored its exciting to look at. So the parents bought me one of my own! Its a little buggy, but I haven't really let mom have hers back yet, so I have two now! I love sitting in my Boppy and looking at them, but since I also am in the process of discovering these things attached to me that everyone calls "hands" I am also learning to use them on my bugs. I like to touch their faces, and I hit and kick them a bit too. They make me laugh, and I talk to them almost constantly.

My second fave thing lately is spit, and boy do I make lots of it! I am a spit factory. Everyone makes funny faces at me, and sometimes they stick out their tongues. Well I like this so much that I am trying to do it myself. As it turns out, I drool a tad. I am also working on my raspberry-blowing skills. I can get the tongue out, drool, and I have even once made the sound on accident (it scared me so I stopped). But I try to do it all of the time! If you stick your tongue out at me and make noises I will totally return the favor and love every second of it! Its my new favorite game! The down side is that I get really wet a lot. Mom started putting me in bibs because I don't like changing my clothes and we were moving through my wardrobe even faster than normal. Now I just swap out bibs, which annoys me less and makes the washing machine a bit happier.

So there you have it, I am a big boy now because I love spit and bugs!

Friday, June 17, 2011

look how big I am now

Lots of pictures are being taken of me regularly because I am a famous baby with my own devoted paparazzi (I call them Mommy and Daddy). So here we are catching up again with some of my fabulousness of the last three weeks!

My last "age" post was for seven weeks old. Well I have matured quite a bit, above you can see me at 8 weeks. I was tired because my parents bought me a new toy! They actually went to the store a couple of times to make sure they picked the right one out for me, its a baby mobile. I love watching things move so they spent a little extra and got the Cadillac version that had spinning parts, dangling parts AND even projected a picture, all while playing music, making nature noises, or a heartbeat sound. However, turns out they could have bought the cheap one because I don't give a hoot about all of that, as you can see below I just love the motor where the sound comes out!

Seriously, I love that thing! Mommy rolls her eyes and says someday she expects to find me clinging to the side of the crib with a screwdriver trying to get inside of it to see how it works. Daddy just smiles and plans to by me a set of 'em when Mom ain't lookin'! I just laugh because they are both silly enough to think I haven't already tried it.

Moving on, I also turned 9 weeks old, and again I was pretty tired.

Do you have any idea how much growing do each day? You'd be poopered out too! But to bring us up to date ...

That one is probably my best yet. Mommy acted totally ridiculous, so I had to laugh at her and she caught me smiling. Aren't my eyes amazing? (I know, I know, I am so humble!) You can also see that I am getting much bigger. I have a spare chin now!

another busy morning!

This keeping me healthy stuff seems to be a little uncomfortable. I had my tests done today at Banner Cardon Children's Medical Center. I got to meet some other kids including a girl who was born only a few days after me. Everyone was really nice, until they decided to take pictures of my insides.

All it involved was a few x-rays the nurse said, no biggie, but I wouldn't hold still for one of the pictures (I know, big surprise, a baby not wanting to hold perfectly still). So I had to yell at some people, which I suppose wasn't nice but they made me put my arms up really high and I didn't know this before, but I do now, I hate putting my arms up over my head. But they did get the pictures and we will hear from the doctor later on if they see anything or if we haveto do more pictures.

Anyway, check out the awesome x-ray machine:

I had to admit it was cool to look at but my attention span is too short to care for more than like 10 seconds. Micah thought it was awesome though.

Once we were done Mommy fed me, so I forgot to be mad. We went out to lunch and came home so I could take a well earned nap!

Another busy morning for me, but I am really looking forward to Father's Day this weekend! Its Daddy's first official one and we got him something special.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

what a day, and its not even noon!

We went back to the doctor today. It was everything you would have expected, I had to be undressed, I had to get poked and prodded ... and then, there were shots.

It was awful. But after about 5 minutes of yelling about it, I was too tired to care and I took a nap. Long one actually, because Mommy got me in the car and drove home and was home for a while before my really empty tummy woke me up!

Other than the shots and the naked stuff, which may I repeat was so not fun, we discussed how big I am. I now weigh 13.6lbs and am 25.5 inches long. The nurse has a baby who is 4 months old and she said he was 13.5 at his 4 month check up. Ha, what a light weight! But in all seriousness, my size is a good thing. The doctor didn't like how badly I choke and stuff any more than we do. She said I need to go to the children's hospital to get an x-ray and a CAT scan so they can see inside of me. Mom says we will do that tomorrow. She also gave Mommy the info for an eye doctor because sometimes my eyes don't look in the same direction. It annoys me, and makes my brother laugh. Anyway, she said it wasn't probably a big deal. Secretly I am hoping they want me to strengthen my eyes because Mommy says I can wear a pirate patch to do that! Fingers crossed because that would be awesome!

Other than that I am doing super and I had lots of women ogling me all morning. My doctor moved offices now, and all of the nurses and other doctors are women. I didn't miss this, but my big brother pointed it out to me anyway.

In other ME news, today is my last single digit day. Tomorrow I am officially 10 weeks old, so I am double digits. Pictures will be up for that (and the weeks Mom hasn't posted yet) soon!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011



Its a mouthful, but its also quite annoying. Since I was born I have had weird gagging choking episodes that happen especially when I am eating. At first they said it was because I was part fish still, that it was just amniotic fluid still in my respiratory system somewhere. But it hasn't gone away.

Today Mommy took me to the doctor again because she and Daddy didn't like my cough. Its a dry cough, but I gag and choke soemtimes with it. Bad enough it scares me and I change colors. So we went to the doctor and she said I do have a cold, and that is no biggie, but that I probably have tracheomalacia too. This means that my trachea, the tube I breathe through, is not as hard as yours is. It can actually be a little floppy and this makes it so that sometimes it closes off somehow, and I feel like I am choking, so I gag at first. Unfortunately, it means I am not getting enough air at that moment so it can also make me change colors and it is kind of scary for all of us. Sometimes I have to get turned upside down and have someone pat my back a little to open things back up. This usually makes me throw up a little too, which I don't like.

The good news is that I should grow out of it by the time I am two. So until then, I just get oodles of attention when I am eating or sick. Hey, that kinda works for me!

And for more news about how awesome I am: I weighed 13 pounds today at the doctor! They were all impressed at how big I am getting!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

branching out with plugs

In our house we call pacifiers Plugs. It makes everyone giggle, though I don't know why.

In the beginning of time, back about two months ago now, I refused to use any pacifier/Plug other than Soothies. You have seen pictures of me with my fave plugs before if you have read this blog for a while. However, recently I branched out.

Mommy and Daddy say that this means I am getting older. Funny how that makes them so happy and a little sad at the same time!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

almost 2 months

Here I am at seven weeks old:
It is okay for you to ooo and aah, I know I am fabulous.