Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what is raynuh?

I do a lot of sky watching from my carseat and I have noticed that in the last couple of days the clouds have been blocking my view. Not sure why that is, but yesterday I noticed that the clouds leaked a bit.

Super weird.

Last night we were relaxing and Daddy took me outside because he said the weather was nice. The temperature was nice because it wasn't blisteringly hot, but I am not sure what he was looking at because the sky was leaking big time. It was dark, so I couldn't see what was going on too well, but I noticed if I looked at the ground I could see what was happening a bit easier.

Um, guys? The sky seems to be peeing!

Not sure why Mommy and Daddy were cool with this, cuz when I leak they get all uppidy and try to cover me up with a diaper.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

guess what this rock star can do now?

I think rolling over is a bit over rated. You would think it is soooo cool the way the parents freak out about it. But really, I am not sure why I would want to put myself on my tummy. I mean really, tummy time is stinkier than my worst diapers. Really. And I promise, I can make some pretty nastified diapers.

But I learned to roll from my tummy to my back, which made tummy time tolerable. That's because whenever they put me on my tummy, I just roll over. The view is better on your back, there is a ceiling fan in every room here!

But sometimes there is something cool and worth reaching for even when I am on my back. So I decided to stop toying with Mommy and Daddy's emotions and just rolled. And do you know what? Turns out rolling over is kinda fun. If you do it really fast its a bit thrilling even!

So no place is safe, I am rollin' both ways now! Watch out!
Here I am talking to Daddy right after, but you know my mom had to make a sign ...

So I was yelling at them that it was time to eat dinner and all this "you're such a big boy" was getting old. I know I am a big boy, super star, amazing, incredible ... lets move on, someone feed the big boy, stat!

Friday, September 9, 2011

it was all good ... until ...

They got me. I will be the first to admit it, but I think ultimately we outsmarted them, Mommy and I. Hopefully they don't know where we live cuz they might try to find us...

Wait, let me back up and tell you the whole story and you can tell me what you think.

So Mommy called the doctor to explain that I felt like poo still (she didn't say poo, I do though). So the doctor said that she needed me to come in cuz she needed a handsome baby fix.

I was skeptical, but I figured its wrong to not share my awesomeness with all the lesser people.

So I told Mom to pack me up and get me in the car so we could go make the doctor's day a little brighter.

We get there and they weighed me -- oh and there was a sketchy moment where mommy wasn't listening to me explain to her that I had *ahem* filled my diaper with more than just fluids. She caught it at the last second though so we didn't have a big mess that I was bound to get blamed for.

Everyone ooooo'd and aaaww'd over how super I am. Apparently the other babies of the world aren't as cool as me. I am now 18 pounds, 27 inches long and have a 17.5 inch head and this was on my 5 month birthday. Yeah, I am pretty rock star, what can I say. I made sure that Mommy heard that I am a pretty big deal. Sometimes she tells me "no" and everybody knows you don't tell superstars "no!"
You heard that, right Mom?

So the doc came in, listened to me with this thingy that hooked up to her ears and I wanted to chew on, but she gave me her finger instead. I told her that I have this tooth trying to pop up and it is taking its sweet ever lovin' time and driving me nuts. I also mentioned to her that I haven't been feeling too good, but I let mommy explain so that I could chew on her or suck my thumb.

So she told Mommy to change my meds a bit, and played with me a bit.

Now at this point I am thinking, "Sweet!!! Mommy let's blow this pop stand before these people realize they haven't given me any shots!" I gave my best "Duuuude, this is serious!" stare to Mom so she could understand the urgency of the situation.
Come on Mommy, we can be in the parking lot before they even know we've gone!

So I am trying to get Mommy movin' when the nurse comes in. I was just thinking I was in the clear and that mean lady pokes me! I started to yell, to rage about how mean it is for her to poke a baby for pitty's sake, when I realize she doesn't seem to have any other pokies with her. Only one shot?! I stopped crying and yelling immediately, looked up at Mommy and said "Step on it Ma!" and she hooked me up in my carseat/stroller and we raced out of there before they could decide to do anymore baby poking!

While I think the one shot stunk, I usually get three or more, so their only giving me one was clearly an oversight. Got lucky this time!

guess who's 21 now?!

Woo hoo, I am 21 now! I hear that's a big deal somehow ...

Mom had this cool strappy thing on the camera that I wanted to play with though, so getting the picture was a challenge.

I also am officially 5 months now, closing in on a half year. Can you believe that?!
Sheesh, I am tired just thinking about it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

nice place ya got here

My Gramps had a birthday over the weekend, so we went out to eat.

I should say, the big people ate. I got held and teased with solid food. I really want to eat food but the doctor says I should wait. I say we should be rebels and ignore the doctor -- pass the calzone Daddy!

Anywhoo, this nice man at the restaurant felt bad since my family starves me {Editors Note: Spinato's actually gives all babies a shirt on their first trip in to their restaurant. Clever marketing if you ask me. ~Kellan's Mom} so he gave me a shirt. Not that I can eat a shirt (trust me, I tried) and feel better, but at least the guy tried.

And you gotta admit, I look dang good in it!

So if you want to get your pizza on, like I so desperately do, go there. Tell them I sent you.

this is me, showing my brother who's the boss

I love my big brother.

Really, I do. He makes funny faces, he plays with me, and I know he loves me more than just about anything. He's awesome.

But sometimes, I have to show him who's the boss.

I think the picture speaks for itself:

there was a baby in the car!

While waiting for my brother to get out of school in the line that takes for-ev-er, I made an amazing discovery. It seems the family has been holding out on me.

Mommy keeps another baby in the car.

I know, right? How could they not tell me this?!

There I was trying to decide if I would just fall asleep or if I wanted to scream out my frustration with having to wait in the car for Micah to get outside when I saw him. At first I froze, couldn't be sure if he was a friendly baby or not. But then I realized he was sizing me up too. As I sat there staring at him for a second I realized he looked like a really nice guy. We both just stared for a second but finally I got excited and realized that maybe this is a baby I could play with. In my excitement I squealed out a hello ... and he did too. Right at the same time!

So then I laughed because that was funny.

And he did too.
And so then I started talking to him. His mommy had buckled him in to one of those obnoxious car seats too, and he was waiting for his big brother to get out of school, and it was hot for him. Just like me!! Seriously, I was feeling all of that also.

After some bonding over how uncomfy our car seats were and how we were excited to see our brothers (who were both named Micah by the way) I decided I could trust this other baby. So I showed him my toes and told him how much fun they are. And you will never believe it, but he showed me his toes also!
Turns out he loves playing with his toes too. He likes to suck on his big toe just like me, and he said that he gets frustrated sometimes because he can't do that while buckled in. I feel the same way.

Later on we went on a drive in Daddy's truck and it turns out the baby goes there too! We talked some more then too, but both of us were pretty sleepy, so we just napped. I figure when I take Mommy out for some errands today I may get to see him again. I hope so, he seems like a nice baby.