Sunday, November 27, 2011


So we know we have a LOT to update because I am older, holidays have come and gone, and I have been one busy dude who hit a few new milestones since we blogged last ... but I had to share this real quick:

I found heaven.  

I don't know why the folks haven't taken me there before because oh my gowsh!  I was mesmerized by the sheer beauty of it all, it was ... oh here just look, I had Daddy stop and Mommy take a picture so you could see it ...

Do you have any idea how many ceiling fans there are at Lowes?!  More than I know how to count!  It was awesome, and Mommy says if I am a good baby she'll take me back there sometime.  So in related news, I have become the best behaved baby ever!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lets Go Devils!

So I had a major milestone on Saturday.  I thought my Mom was gonna cry, but she held it together pretty well and didn't totally humiliate me.

My first ASU Tailgater!

What more can I say?  I'll just let you enjoy the pictures in awe of me and this new development in my life.

Me and my BBFF (bestest baby friend forever) Bradley, just chillin'

Me and my Uncle Mitch

Bradley's Nana was torturing him by changing his clothes ...

I had to help so I tried to drag him closer since
I haven't figured out crawling quite yet

Look, I found Daddy's feet!

Shhh, Bradley needed a nap!

Have I mentioned that beer bottles fascinate me?

Bradley does a lot of sleeping, but its okay.
For now.

Oh and ASU totally spanked Colorado!