Friday, October 28, 2011

Mommy drew on me, so I'm on the interwebz!

So my mom sometimes gets these wild ideas and I just have to go along for the ride and make sure it all goes well.  She'd seriously be lost without me.

So anyway, yesterday she was all "Kelly I have this great idea" blah blah blah, something about a website and the next thing I know I wake up from a nap with a mustache and a goatee.

Yeah, kinda sick, donchay think?  So I had to take a bath, which I thought was fun until she busted out some stuff that tasted horrible and schmeared it on my upper lip. (She told me about 2 second too late to not eat it, hellllooooo, I'm a baby.  Put it near my mouth and I will try no matter what because the world is edible!)

Then I got this can and this funny long thing to chew on.

But right when I was figuring out how to really work the thing ...

... she took it away!  Seriously, what gives Ma?!

Anyhoo I was feeling mighty ticked about the whole thing, but then this morning she told me that I was famous. Um, yeah, I knew that already.  But I guess she shared my pictures with some other Mommy who put them on her blog/website and now other people are seeing how cute I am, even with faux facial hair.

Personally I think the Popeye and Catpain Morgan baby should be offered a movie deal any day now.

The BEST Day Of My Life

A few days ago my Mommy posted this picture on her facebook asking people what they thought I was thinking.

Some people got it pretty close -- I'm lookin' at you Frank! --  I am waaay cuter than that Gerber kid, I think most of that stuff would look good on Daddy's head, and I think it is great that the baby oatmeal is fortified but ... hey, wait a second ... baby oatmeal?!  As in, stuff for babies to eat?  Like eat?!  There is food for me to consume, not just to drink?  Don't get me wrong, I looove the food I drink, but every now and then I see some of the stuff my family puts in their mouths and I think to my self "Self, that looks good!"

So when Mommy took me to see Dr. ColdHands I said it to her as plainly as I could:

Look Dr. ColdHands, I know that I am growing quite nicely, and clearly I am having all my nutrient needs met already, but sometimes I wonder a bit if there is more to life than milk.  Its not that I want to stop milk, oh goodness no.  I love my milk.  I am just wondering if maybe we could add to my diet a bit.  You know, like maybe a little something more solid and less liquid?  What do you think?

The best part about Dr. ColdHands is that she understood all of that.  She also agreed with me.  At that moment I forgave her for all the medicines and testing and even for the horrible gloves she used to tell my parents were a good idea.

So I got my Mom in the car and had her take me to the grocery store.  We got some oatmeal ... and it turns out that yesterday was the best day, ever.

my first taste of it

As you can see, I really liked it!

I wanted to help Mommy,
so I held the spoon steady.

Keep it comin'!!!

I didn't like the part where she'd take the spoon away

Some of my art!

Eating IS more fun, but playing with your food?
A close second!

I <3 oatmeal!
So now I am a big boy eating solids!  Sooooo awesome!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

half-a-year check up

Hey this paper stuff looks like fun!
I've realized something, brace yourself because this is some earth shattering stuff:

The doctor ain't half bad.

At least, that is, my regular doctor.  The one with the cold hands.  She is really quite funny.  She makes a guy laugh, and is all in all not so bad.  Why the sudden change of heart?  Well let me tell you ... Dr. ColdHands said Mommy can start feeding me solids.

I know, seriously, isn't that like the best news ever?  I was almost as happy as I was the day I discovered I could suck on my thumb!

In other, less tastey news, I'm growing great and hitting all my milestones nicely.  I weigh 19 pounds, am 28 inches long, and have an 18 inch head circumference.  I'll only fit in my car seat a little longer so the parents are looking into a new one for me.

After I showed off a bit (I can sit up real well now) the doctor left the room.  Then the lady with the shots came in.  All this time I was blaming the doctor, but now I can see she's not the one who pokes me!  I had to get four shots plus drink one and was feeling a bit sorry for myself because it hurt.  But I got sick of crying after like a minute and Mommy didn't make me go back in my car seat for a little while so that was cool.  Then we went to the store and bought some oatmeal for babies ... yay!  More on that adventure to come ...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An Open Letter:

Dear Baby Toy Manufactures,

Hello, this is my first attempt at contacting anyone outside my immediate family, so please do forgive me if I am not following some kind of adult-made-protocol as you people seem to have rules for everything (Example: I think peeing all over everything is perfectly fine, the parental units take issue with it.)  I am writing you because I feel you are in desperate need for feedback from someone in the trenches, and clearly you are seriously lacking good advice.

What in the Sam Doodle is with you peeps?  I mean seriously, you have millions of dollars and you can't make a single good toy that my parents will willingly hand me?  We babies get internal memos so that we can properly coordinate things like times to teeth, alter sleeping patterns, and give each other general feedback on ways to keep our Big People on their toes, and I have been monitoring the Toy Reports closely.  What is popular now?  Sophie the Giraffe.  Seriously?  Lets be frank here, my Mommy could totally go to Petsmart and buy me something comparable to Sophie, but it will look like a rolled up newspaper or a hot dog.  And she could get like 5 of them for the cost of that thing.  

Now I am not cost conscientious by any means, but I am aware of the fact my parents are and acutely so.  Therefore the cost of things is relevant because if I can score three things as opposed to one I am down for that.  Hellllooooo, I have an attention span of like 45 seconds max, that one expensive toy is so last minute already.  

Beyond this, why have you people not figured out how to make indestructible and "safe" (because my Mommy and Daddy are really particular about that) versions of cell phones, sunglasses, and car keys yet?  Oh yes, Mom got me one of those plastic primary colored pieces of garbage that you call "toy keys" and they had me entertained for like two minutes.  Have you seen real keys?  The jingle, they shine, they have this whole potentially dangerous air about them that draws us babies like a moth to a flame.  Sunglasses?  I can see me, chew them, and throw them against something and see a minor explosion.  And cell phones?  Ah, glorious cell phones.  They light up, make sounds, vibrate, and have an overall very fragile appearance to them that makes our parents quake when we reach for them.  

Yet, you still insist on making toys in primaries and pastels.  You still seem bent on bulky hollow versions of the real thing.  Have you not noticed the things we are most drawn to are glass and metal objects?  How could this have escaped your attention?  Do you not have children? Have you never met one?

In closing, I would really appreciate it if you would contact me regarding product testing.  I would quite willingly submit my self and my expertise so that you could cease offering such sub-standard products to the world at large.  I think when you consider all I have to say, and what I have to offer, you will realize that you could easily triple the insane amount of money you are probably already making and make the babies of the world happy.  If you do so, I could arrange for more sleeping through the night, better aim when we vomit, and even a means of communicating that we are currently peeing and you should not remove our diapers lest you wish to get hosed.  I am willing to meet in the middle and make some concessions if you are willing to comply.

A baby

P.S. Could  you not pass this letter on to my Mommy and Daddy?  I'd hate for them to figure out that it was I that blew up their sunglasses last week.  Thanks.

the 3 Bubbas

When my Gramps and TT were in Hawaii this summer they bought three shirts from a place called Bubba Gump: one for me, one for Micah, and one for Emma.

The reason?  My Daddy calls his brother Bubba.  When Emma was still cooking in Auntie Mel's tummy a joke started that she was a little Bubbette.

Cut to my Mommy's parents being in Hawaii, knowing these stories and they see these shirts.  One for a baby boy that says "Little Bubba" and they thought to their grandparenty selves "Oh Kellan would look sooo cute in that! And his Uncle Bubba will think its funny!" But then they saw it in pink!  And it said "Little Bubbette" instead of Bubba!  And they said to themselves "Oh Uncle Bubba's little girl needs one of those!"  So they got me and Emma "little Bubba" shirts, found Micah one that he would like, and we brought them to Iowa with us ...

The 3 Bubbas

Super adorable in our Bubba gear, aren't we? :)

Thanks Gramps and TT!

Monday, October 24, 2011

There's a lot of photo op's in Iowa!

So if you have been reading my blog you know that I went to Iowa a little bit ago.  It was a lot of fun, and my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents took about eight billion pictures of me, my brother and my cousin Emma.  Here are just some of the pictures so you can see how the trip went ...

You knew we had to have a sign, right?

We went to this orchard on the first day.  It was fun, the drive? Not so much.  I introduced my Iowa fam to the fact that I do NOT like driving in the dark at all on that trip.  But, we had fun for most of it.  I got to ride a horse made out of tires and we took some goofy pictures in this sign thing.
Me & Micah in this silly sign.
Daddy had to give a baby a boost for this pic.
Shouldn't I have a cowboy hat, and not a monkey hat
for riding horses?

Micah helping me ride the tire horse
Rockin' my monkey hat

I finally got to meet my new cousin, Emma!  She's still just a baby, not a big kid like me, cuz she's only 3 months old to my mature 6 months.  But it turns out we like the same things.  We both enjoy eating, being held, and ceiling fans.  We also both got a lot of spoiling done to us (so did my big brother) on this trip.
Me and my cousin Emma
The Cutest Babies Ever
 Even though we got along we did have some minor disagreements.  Mommy doesn't have it, but there is apparently a picture of our first fight somewhere ... she totally started it.  But here you can see we were laying on a blankie and they were taking the millionth picture of us because we had these penguin clothes on (Auntie Amanda loves penguins and bought us the clothes) and we were bored ...
Me: *SMACK* Ha ha, I got you that time!
Emma: Puh-leez, amateur, that was nothing.
 And here you can see us in the Halloween clothes our grandparents bought us.  I think its a little unfair to make us change clothes so much all for the sake of pictures, but the adults can't help themselves.  They are weak to our baby-cuteness and have to do strange things as a result.  I was kinda weirded out that they stuck us in apple buckets, but right after this picture was taken they let me try to bite an apple and gave Emma a bottle, so we were willing to work with them for about 14 seconds.
The big people wanted a "fall" picture
My brother and I got some new Iowa Hawkeyes stuff.  This is a little big so I will be able to wear it in AZ when it cools off.
I got cool Hawkeyes clothes

I got to play in leaves.  Dead ones.  We don't do this in Arizona.  My grandparents have a picture of both Micah and I in the leaves, I will share that one when we get a copy!

Me in the leaves
I learned a important lesson ...

Turns out, I love my thumb in Arizona AND Iowa!
Realized my parents still need my help ...
Oh Daddy, that angle is all wrong!  Here, let me help!
 Took a picture with the whole family ...
The Covingtons
No one noticed it, but Emma was hiding in that picture above!  Lil stinker!  My parents and brother took a picture with me too, but I was too cold to do any more after this!

That's us!
 Had to get the grandparents with the grandkids!
Grampa, Emma, Micah, Me, and Grandma
All in all it was a great trip, and I will probably have more pictures to share later with you.
Donchya feel bad for babies that aren't this cute?
Nah, me neither.

I almost met Santa

Um, mom, I think my diaper just froze
I hear that in a few months there is some big guy in a red suit named Santa that will come along and give me stuff.  I was puzzled when I first heard this story because I thought we called them "grandparents" but apparently there is another person who will shower me with gifts too, and we call that dude Santa.


I was told that this guy lives with a bunch of elves and reindeer and in a place called the North Pole where its super cold and you could freeze into a teething toy if you hold still too long.

So when we got on a plane and flew somewhere that was at least that cold, in my opinion, I figured we went to the North Pole and were gonna go meet Santa.

Turns out the North Pole is actually Iowa, and while there was no Santa, it was awesome anyway.

And I did get presents.

More on that to come! :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Daddy's boy or a Mama's boy?

I am not sure if this makes me a Daddy's boy or a Mama's boy because it seems I had no chance of having normal skin with these two around.  Seriously, not fair to a baby!

Anyhoo, so you know how I have had all sorts of sores and some weird scaly things going on since the beginning of time? {Editors Note: that means since birth}  Well it got even more out of hand.  It was hurting, and itching, and it spread like a leaky diaper!  We had tried ointments, creams, this nasty spray stuff that will take me at least a month to forgive the doctor for even thinking about, much less recommending.  Bottom line, we had tried lots.  So finally we go to a skin doctor.  Mommy and Daddy both have skin doctors -- see what I mean, I stood no chance.

So we go to this guy and I am pretty impressed that Mommy and I didn't tell him he was a goober.  But the guy was, a very well paid, smart goober.  But he had some funny looking shoes and I just wanted to stare at them.  He poked me (warm hands, I will give him that!) and looked at my head, my neck and my fingers.  He asked lots of questions but moved so quick I had a hard time keeping up.  Then he told Mommy something that Mommy and Daddy had both already decided -- I have excema.  Why we needed Dr. FunnyShoes to tell us that I don't know, but we did I guess.  So he makes this big deal out of how bad my skin looks, and how "inflamed" I am.  I was like all "Duuude, this is better than last week!"  But here's a before picture to give you an idea.

That's my neck and really you can't see all of it because I was asleep and Mommy didn't want to wake me and move me.   But everything on my throat and under my chin looked like that.  When it got that bad my doctor and my parents agreed enough was enough and sent me to Dr. FunnyShoes.  It hurt a bit, but it itched like crazy!  And I will tell you this, I am soooo sick of those annoying socks my parents make me wear on my hands.  I can get those suckers off in like 10 seconds now, yay me!

So he goes on about how bad my case is and I check and Mom looked calm so I figured it wasn't that bad.  Then he started to share some brilliant {insert eye roll here} advice.

Don't bathe him in hot water.  Hot?  Hot water, um, are you aware I am a baby?  Babies don't get bathed in hot water!  What do you think I am slipping in the spa after a long day???

No perfumes.  Dang, so we totally just wasted money on that new bottle of cologne!

Keep his nails short.  Well there goes my hopes for a good mani pedi with french tips!

He said I can only wear cotton, and recommended a special shampoo, lotion, etc... he gave me a prescription for something and insisted that I needed to be seen in a week so that we could see if it was working and again said it was because I was such a "chronic" case.  I was a bit worried because he was such a Debby Downer, but Mommy explained later that its no biggie, I have already been through the worst of it and that he was just one of those over reactive types.  I felt better.

But what really made me feel better is the prescription he gave us!  Seriously, you saw how "bad" I was before, check me out after about 36 hours on my new meds:

I look even better today, I will share a picture later.  So I go back on Monday, and we'll see what Dr. FunnyShoes has to say then!

okay, okay, okay

So here's the deal, my mom has been a total slacker lately.  Well at least with blogging for me.  Every day I'm like "hey, you put up that new weeker picture yet?" and she's all "oh, yeah we need to do that!" But does it get done? Noooo.  Seriously, I was nearly ready to figure out the whole typing thing myself!

So we have a lot of updating to do, and chances are they won't all be done today but here's a little tidbit to start you on.

Today the weather is super nice so Mommy and I went for a jog/ride.  She jogs, I ride, I think its a good deal.  Well she took this picture of me while we were out.

Do I look scared, worried, a bit tense?  Well that's cuz Mom was still moving while taking this picture.  Now if you don't know this about my Mommy let me tell you: she can make you giggle, she gives some of the best snuggles and cuddles out there, but the woman has less coordination than I do and everyone is uber impressed I am sitting up on my own once they prop me up.  To add to that, multitasking on physical tasks?  Um, yeah, not such a good idea.  So if I look worried its because I was all strapped in and not able to get up and administer basic first aid were she to, you know, go boom.

As luck would have it, she stayed up right, and I was so worn out from the looking around, fresh air, and worrying about Mommy's coordination it knocked me right out.

Not a bad start to a day if you ask me!