Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I can do

I am full of surprises.  You might expect that me being only one I can only do baby-type things.  Not so. 
I can explore wild life and discover geckos!

I can concentrate reeeaaaaly hard. 
You have to stick your tongue out for that.

I can rescue drowning frog puppets

I can play with the steering wheel on my play park

I can even drive a boat!
(In the backyard, on a trailer. 
I can't tow the thing to a lake yet on my own, working on it.)
I can also walk, say "ball," know how to push buttons to make all my toys sing at the same time, can play along with the "If you're happy and you know it" song, and will help the Little Einsteins launch Rocket by patting my lap and raising my arms on cue.  Yeah, I rock.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

my feet!!!

I love my feet. This is why I take the whole Piggy Prison thing sooo personally. I have heard that I have stinky feet. Psshh, whatevs. 
I think they taste good!
And, this tickles!

If you're happy and you know it
clap your feet!
Whoa, look at the pruney feet!
They may be ticklish, and they may even be a bit on the stinky side already ... but I love my feet!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

shoes ... why?

I have heard that for an adorably perfect baby I have apparently fatter than normal feet.  Eh, maybe all the other babies just have scrawny feet?

Now that I am walking Mommy and Daddy seem to think that I need to wear these things they call shoes.  I call them Piggy Prisons. 

Seriously, there can be nothing good about these things except the fact they tickle like crazy when the parents put them on me. 

I deal with the socks, but up until recently no one could find shoes that could actually stay on my chunky monkey feet. 

Then Grandma and Grandpa had to send these. 

They fit, and it takes me all of like 5 minutes to get them off.  Not fast enough, so I have developed a detailed Piggy Prison Escape Plan Endurace Training Schedule.  I kick off training tomorrow and will hopefully shave 4 minutes and 55 seconds off of my shoe-kick-off within the next two weeks.  Yeah, its an intense plan, but I can handle it. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Ever since the day Mommy drew on me while I was sleeping I always get a bit worried when she says she got "the best picture ever" of me while I was sleeping.  Apparently her desire to photograph me in embarrassing slumber doesn't always require drawing on me, but I do give her lots of opportunities to catch me resting my eyes.

Lately I have been loving my Baby Prison, AKA the Gulag.  Daddy felt bad for me that it was small, so he added the extra panels so it is bigger and oh my gowrsh it is totally awesome now.  I can run back and forth, play with toys, and have a lot of fun in there.  But sometimes a guy has to get some rest ... and that is when my Mom gets her paparazzi on.

I got her good with this one, she actually checked
to see if I was breathing still 
I stole Micah's pillow, and was just cuddling
with it for a second

 I also take naps in my car seat still.  Here I am with my new football.  Incidentally, guess what my first word is ... BALL!

Hey, I'm even in my jammies here!
Micah sneaking a kiss while I was snoozin'
After my birthday party I was sooo pooped!
Mommy says this is one of her faves ever.  

Monday, April 9, 2012

12 month check up

No more "Age: 0" for this dude!
I was all down with this one thing until this morning when Mommy was all "Oh we have such a busy day today Kelly ..." then she tried to slip past me this little tidbit: They make babies come back to the doctor when they turn one!

Say whaaat????

The good news -- I am huge.  I am 31 3/8 inches tall, 21.8 pounds, and have a 19 inch head.  That's 90th percentile in height and head circumference, wooo hooo!  The doc talked to Mommy about some ways to make me food to drink and we will see if I like that better.  She wasn't worried about my not wanting to eat, but said we need to make sure my Ironman levels stay high.  Mommy says she said just "iron" but I know better.

They also talked about my allergies because appart from my skin being all sorts of annoying I am like a total snot factory lately.  Daddy says he totally understands, and given how often he sneezes and blows his nose I am betting he does get it.  But I will point this out, no one takes the snot sucker to his nose.  Maybe that would help him?

Can we go to Ikea, like, NOW?
Anywho, I was having all sorts of fun playing with the doctor's bead thing (I checked the tag out, they have it at Ikea and I am totally making the parents go get me one!) and listening to them talk about how I am a walking rock star and all that when my Spidey Sense started to tingle.  They were discussin' vaccinations.  I know that is just some fancy pants word for poking my leg but it was too late to escape, I can't reach the dang door handles in the office.

I will give them this, they were honest about it because usually they are all "this won't hurt a bit!" but I don't see them getting stabby on their leg fat so we all know that is just something they say, not mean.  But today the lady who gave me the shot said that the MMR one straight up hurt.  She apologized a bunch of times, and was quick about it, then Mommy cuddled me and got us out of there, so it wasn't awful but I wouldn't say I liked it!

On the way out I saw a fish and asked if I could play with it, which I thought was a totally reasonable thing to ask since they had just shot some painful goo into my legs.  But Mommy said you don't play with fish like you do with dogs or toys.  Says who?!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


A year ago at this time I  had escaped tummy prison, but was still in the hospital and would have to chill there for a bit before I could come home and take over the house ... ahh, what a difference a year makes!  So here are some pictures from my birthday party and from my actual birthday which was the next day (and was also Easter).

That's me with my sign and the cool shirt Mommy made

Hey wait a sec ... is that dirt?

Hold up on the pictures, guys ... I found some cool stuff in this crack!

Everyone was calling these things "eggs" but
if you can throw it like a ball, and its round like a ball
then clearly it is a BALL!

This is me showing you how big I am.

Cake art!
I had sooo much fun this weekend, I got some cool new toys (I'll post more about them later) being one rocks!  But then I found out that it means you have to go visit the doctor again ...