Wednesday, July 27, 2011

surfer dudes

My Auntie Holly and Uncle John sent Micah and I these awesome shirts a little while ago. Don't we look handsome? (No need to answer, I already know we do!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

oy! another doctor visit!

So we went back to my doctor again today. Yes, they made me take off my clothes. Yes, I yelled. But it was more because my reflux was acting up and it hurt, I am starting to like being naked a bit more. Its all rather freeing really.

Anyway, here is me at the doctor, we had a hard time taking the picture and I am starting to make my angry face here. The doctor prescribed something else for my head, more goop. Hopefully this goop finishes off what the last goop couldn't cuz I am rather sick of having a goopy head. She told Mommy to keep putting the gloves on me (I stopped talking to her at that point) and said that I am growing into a very handsome big boy (I smiled at her for that, but still will not be on speaking terms with anyone who will reinforce the idea that the gloves are good).

She didn't want to change my reflux meds because she wants t see what the tests at the hospital say. We go for those on August 3rd, Mommy and Daddy say its a good thing but I am not sure. I heard them talking and am pretty sure they sad something about not eating for three hours ... that is an eternity! No one could possibly go three whole hours without eating, right? Right?!?

I weigh 16.2 lbs now, what a rock star! They were all impressed with me for this, I must say I stun even myself with the awesomeness here. We go back for my 4 month old check up on August 16th so we will see how tall I am then and how much more I weigh, I am aiming for 17+ personally.

Last, but not least, here is me in my awesome Sun Devil attire. I have some Hawkeye stuff too, so I will have to get a picture of me in that also so you can see another handsome shot of me.

Monday, July 25, 2011

my future's so bright, I gotta wear ...


Oh yeah, I am pretty cool.

I don't mind them too much, unless I am in my carseat. Then I do everything in my power to take them off!

fifteen weeker and some 1sts

Okay I had an eventful last three days, so here we go with the updates!

First off, on Friday I turned 15 weeks old! I had been having tummy time, which between you and me, I hate tummy time. H. A. T. E. Totally can't stand it for the most part, I just lay there with my nose all smushed against the floor screaming, feeling quite abandoned. Mom and Dad swear it is important and keep telling me that once I learn to roll over I will be fine, but I think they are just evil. So while we were at my baby store Mommy saw this expensive thing that said it was a tummy time pillow, but she noticed it looked just like my big brother's travel pillow ... so she asked Micah if I could borrow it and turns out that it makes tummy time a bit more tolerable.

Yesterday I had a couple of firsts!I got my first Swimmy Diaper -- swimming is more fun when they let me skinny dip, but this wasn't bad.

I also got to try on my life vest, I hear I will get to wear it on Gramps' boat someday! It was kind of fun, but I was hungry and kept trying to eat it. For the record, its not edible.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

flip flops and smiles

Two pictures to show off for you today. The first is me in my first pair of flip flops, this is a big thing in this household. I have had these since day one, but I couldn't wear them because my feet were too skinny and they would just fall off. So Mommy decided to try them on me the other day, and as it turns out my feet are *ahem* almost too big. (Mommy says they got too chubby and Daddy burst out laughing and said something about "little sausages" when Mommy showed him. I think they are both being a little rude.) I can't wear them much because the velcro that holds them on can't completely clasp, but that just means I need new ones! :)

Moving upwards, here is a picture of my handsome face. I am fourteen weeks old now and growing so fast! I am probably about 16 lbs or more now, and I can nearly roll over from my tummy to my back. I am getting lots stronger and can hold my head up really well. I am laughing a bit more now too, but so would you if you lived with the lunatics I call family. My infection is slowly improving, but not as fast as I would like. I love getting hand-time (this is when my no-scratch-gloves come off and I can play with my fingers) but I still am itchy so its not as often as I would like. Mommy and Daddy bought me a new swing, its actually for me to sleep in. Because of my reflux and choking I can't lay down on my back, so this cradle swing is a good alternative. It has fish on it and makes ocean sounds, how cool is that? I love ocean sounds and Mom and Dad promise me that I will see the ocean someday and love it as much as they do.

On top of everything else I am becoming an expert Skype baby. I have talked to all four of my grandparents, my Aunt Amanda, Uncle Bubba, and Aunt Mel, but best of all I got to see my new cousin Emma. She is still just a little baby, I am much older and wiser, so I will have lots to teach her when we get to hang out!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm a fish!

While it is absolutely still true that I hate baths, it turns out that I love skinny dipping.

It has been both hot and humid here lately and I really have a hard time dealing with it. If nothing else, the heat makes me sweat and that really hurts my still-healing head a lot. So we were over at TT and Gramps' house the other day and my Daddy and big brother went swimming. No matter how many fans I was in front of I was still just too hot so we decided to try a little dip in the pool. When I was okay with my feet in the water we took it further and soon I was in the pool having a good time. Mommy hadn't expected me to go swimming, so we didn't have any swimmy diapers so I just went commando. It was awesome. I loved every second of it, and felt much cooler. That is, until we got out and a breeze hit me, and if there is one thing I like less than being too hot it is feeling cold!

So as it turns out, I love swimming! I think the whole diaper/suit thing should be optional though!

Friday, July 8, 2011

two for the price of one

Today is a biggie, I am not only 13 weeks old but I am also officially three months old too!
We celebrated by buying me a Bumbo. I love it! I get to sit up like a big boy, without anyone holding me! I get a little offended that my parents seem to think I shouldn't run around and climb things yet, but I figure we can wean them into accepting it one thing at a time. I love sitting up all by myself, and while I can't quite do it without my Bumbo yet I am working on it.

It didn't take me long to decide that the Bumbo needed some modifications. So I worked on it ...

But Mom caught me.

She doesn't get it, she called it "breaking" but Daddy gets it, its not breaking when you make it better. I was going to put it back together, I just was wondering how it worked cuz I saw Mommy had to assemble it. Anyhoo, the old lady took the tray away from me saying I was gonna hurt myself, psh, whatevs Ma.

We also celebrated the 4th of July since my last update, here is how handsome I looked then:
For those of you following the news about my head: I am getting lots better there too. Mommy gives me glove-free time during the day because my hands get hot and I get sick of not being able to move my fingers much, but the ol' scalp is healing well. Maybe I will have an infection-free head soon? Who knows, I sure hope so.

Well that is really my only update for now. I am excited because my Gramps and TT (that's my Mommy's parents for those of you who don't know) are coming back from a trip to Hawaii soon. I hear they got me some goodies while there so I am hoping for some good stuff. I like things that spin or that I can chew on ... think they found anything like that? I also will get to go on my first plane trip sometime soon to meet my cousin Emma. She isn't ready to make her grand entrance yet, so we aren't going just yet, but I am excited to meet another baby and see my Iowa family!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

check out my boxing gloves

So with the whole scratchy-funky-scalp thing I got going on, my Mom decided to get a little creative.

See, my head is super itchy what with cradle cap, infection, AND now I have various stages of healing going on up there. To add to the complexity of the sitch, I don't control my hands very well, but I do know that I can use them to itch when something needs itched. The result of this has been a very sore head for me. I have scratched myself too hard and I have lots of cuts from doing it. Mommy trims my nails every day, but its so itchy, and I scratch SO hard that even with nails cut so short they are almost not there I still was hurting myself. We tried putting a hat on (didn't stay put and smeared my medicine), tried baby scratch mittens (tore those suckers off in about 3 seconds), and socks (lasted less time than the scratch mittens).

So mom made me some boxing gloves.

Well they aren't boxing gloves, but I am trying to remain positive about this whole thing, so bear with me. Its really just socks that don't fit my feet anymore with the wrist rattles strapped over the top. I can't pull off the socks because the rattles hold them on, and to be honest the rattles distract me a bit when I go to scratch my head. I have to have the socks changed three times a day at least because sometimes I try to scratch anyway and I get medicine on them. I rub my eyes and suck on my hands even with the socks, so the ointment on them is a bad thing so Mom and Dad have to change them often but we are hoping that the itchies stop soon and I won't need these darn things anymore!

I really miss sucking on my fingers, I like to do that a lot, and these silly things prevent me from doing it. Also, its pretty miserable when we go out because it is about 500 degrees outside now and I don't want to wear anything extra! No matter how much I pout about it Mommy and Daddy say I have to wear them, even Micah is on their side! So this is one outnumbered baby!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

12 weeks

Well I am 12 weeks old now, but that's not that same as 3 months old. I will be 3 months old on July 8th, which is coming up fast! You can see a bit of it in the picture, but I am having a really hard time with my hair. Well, actually my hair isn't the problem, my scalp is. Between the infection and the cradle cap I am scratching myself a lot and I hurt me sometimes. Mommy wasn't pleased because I made myself bleed this morning. But I am also losing my hair, I have two mohawks now instead of one because the middle of it fell out! It kinda looks like I have little devil horns! Cool huh? :)