Tuesday, October 2, 2012

18 months of awesome

Sheesh, we have been slacking lately, haven't we?

Its not like things have been uneventful.  On the contrary, tons of stuff has been going on 'round these parts.

Mommy told me this morning that she really wants us to blog again.  So I made her hop on here and do the typing for me.

We will try to keep up more, but real quick a couple snaps so you can see how totally awesome I am.  Still. Heck, I am even more awesome than I was before.

Lets get these out of the way.  My mom still thinks taking pictures of me while I sleep is soooo funny.

I was just hugging my Elmo when I dozed off ... but it wasn't totally comfy ...

Ah yes, much better. 

This is me on my Mickey couch in my room.  Everyone looks like that when they sleep on a couch.

Turns out I LOVE my Gramps' boat!

Floating in the water with my Daddy and brother was pretty awesome too.

I love, love, love blocks.  Particularly Duplos.  This was a Duplo race car, and my lap times were awesome. We didn't get to bring it home, but I am working on building my own.  

Huge Sun Devil fan here, games are a lot of fun.

I even watch some parts of it.  Football is certainly interesting with all that falling.  

This is me showing Daddy around the tailgating area. 

I still hate my own shoes, but I enjoy wearing just about anyone else's.  

I think this is very practical.

I totally rock my sunglasses though.

Even at night.  

I can very successfully count to two right now.  Mommy keeps pushing me to involve three, but I figure I am not even two yet, so I am already ahead of the game.  Three and beyond, well it really isn't that important yet.  (P.S. That picture was taken in Mexico.  Yup, I am a world travelin' baby now!)

I have a superpower.  I can make my Daddy do anything.  He is pretty darn awesome.

Maybe that's where I get it from?

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