Monday, April 9, 2012

12 month check up

No more "Age: 0" for this dude!
I was all down with this one thing until this morning when Mommy was all "Oh we have such a busy day today Kelly ..." then she tried to slip past me this little tidbit: They make babies come back to the doctor when they turn one!

Say whaaat????

The good news -- I am huge.  I am 31 3/8 inches tall, 21.8 pounds, and have a 19 inch head.  That's 90th percentile in height and head circumference, wooo hooo!  The doc talked to Mommy about some ways to make me food to drink and we will see if I like that better.  She wasn't worried about my not wanting to eat, but said we need to make sure my Ironman levels stay high.  Mommy says she said just "iron" but I know better.

They also talked about my allergies because appart from my skin being all sorts of annoying I am like a total snot factory lately.  Daddy says he totally understands, and given how often he sneezes and blows his nose I am betting he does get it.  But I will point this out, no one takes the snot sucker to his nose.  Maybe that would help him?

Can we go to Ikea, like, NOW?
Anywho, I was having all sorts of fun playing with the doctor's bead thing (I checked the tag out, they have it at Ikea and I am totally making the parents go get me one!) and listening to them talk about how I am a walking rock star and all that when my Spidey Sense started to tingle.  They were discussin' vaccinations.  I know that is just some fancy pants word for poking my leg but it was too late to escape, I can't reach the dang door handles in the office.

I will give them this, they were honest about it because usually they are all "this won't hurt a bit!" but I don't see them getting stabby on their leg fat so we all know that is just something they say, not mean.  But today the lady who gave me the shot said that the MMR one straight up hurt.  She apologized a bunch of times, and was quick about it, then Mommy cuddled me and got us out of there, so it wasn't awful but I wouldn't say I liked it!

On the way out I saw a fish and asked if I could play with it, which I thought was a totally reasonable thing to ask since they had just shot some painful goo into my legs.  But Mommy said you don't play with fish like you do with dogs or toys.  Says who?!

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