Wednesday, April 11, 2012

shoes ... why?

I have heard that for an adorably perfect baby I have apparently fatter than normal feet.  Eh, maybe all the other babies just have scrawny feet?

Now that I am walking Mommy and Daddy seem to think that I need to wear these things they call shoes.  I call them Piggy Prisons. 

Seriously, there can be nothing good about these things except the fact they tickle like crazy when the parents put them on me. 

I deal with the socks, but up until recently no one could find shoes that could actually stay on my chunky monkey feet. 

Then Grandma and Grandpa had to send these. 

They fit, and it takes me all of like 5 minutes to get them off.  Not fast enough, so I have developed a detailed Piggy Prison Escape Plan Endurace Training Schedule.  I kick off training tomorrow and will hopefully shave 4 minutes and 55 seconds off of my shoe-kick-off within the next two weeks.  Yeah, its an intense plan, but I can handle it. 

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