Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Ever since the day Mommy drew on me while I was sleeping I always get a bit worried when she says she got "the best picture ever" of me while I was sleeping.  Apparently her desire to photograph me in embarrassing slumber doesn't always require drawing on me, but I do give her lots of opportunities to catch me resting my eyes.

Lately I have been loving my Baby Prison, AKA the Gulag.  Daddy felt bad for me that it was small, so he added the extra panels so it is bigger and oh my gowrsh it is totally awesome now.  I can run back and forth, play with toys, and have a lot of fun in there.  But sometimes a guy has to get some rest ... and that is when my Mom gets her paparazzi on.

I got her good with this one, she actually checked
to see if I was breathing still 
I stole Micah's pillow, and was just cuddling
with it for a second

 I also take naps in my car seat still.  Here I am with my new football.  Incidentally, guess what my first word is ... BALL!

Hey, I'm even in my jammies here!
Micah sneaking a kiss while I was snoozin'
After my birthday party I was sooo pooped!
Mommy says this is one of her faves ever.  

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