Friday, October 28, 2011

Mommy drew on me, so I'm on the interwebz!

So my mom sometimes gets these wild ideas and I just have to go along for the ride and make sure it all goes well.  She'd seriously be lost without me.

So anyway, yesterday she was all "Kelly I have this great idea" blah blah blah, something about a website and the next thing I know I wake up from a nap with a mustache and a goatee.

Yeah, kinda sick, donchay think?  So I had to take a bath, which I thought was fun until she busted out some stuff that tasted horrible and schmeared it on my upper lip. (She told me about 2 second too late to not eat it, hellllooooo, I'm a baby.  Put it near my mouth and I will try no matter what because the world is edible!)

Then I got this can and this funny long thing to chew on.

But right when I was figuring out how to really work the thing ...

... she took it away!  Seriously, what gives Ma?!

Anyhoo I was feeling mighty ticked about the whole thing, but then this morning she told me that I was famous. Um, yeah, I knew that already.  But I guess she shared my pictures with some other Mommy who put them on her blog/website and now other people are seeing how cute I am, even with faux facial hair.

Personally I think the Popeye and Catpain Morgan baby should be offered a movie deal any day now.

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